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Hi, and welcome to JIDC’s blog. Well, it’s not JIDC’s blog; it’s your blog!  It’s Postcards from researchers, students, and health care workers from around the world.  I am your host, Alyson Kelvin.

We are introducing JIDC Postcards to showcase international medicine and science.   These are the stories by people doing research and writing the papers.  JIDC Postcards will be written by students, researchers, professors, or members of the health care community such as nurses and doctors from any country.  Importantly, the JIDC blog as well as JIDC the journal is a platform for scientific communication between developing and developed countries.  Therefore, as with JIDC journal article publications, the JIDC blog is not limited to researchers in the developing countries.

Every week, JIDC Postcards will publish a new post describing science experiences from around the world.  The JIDC Postcards will be written in one of two formats:

  1. A story on the development of science/medicine in a particular community, region, or country.  This would showcase an individual’s research programs, the establishment of multi-investigator research centres, and/or the creation of community based medical programs.
  2. The second Postcard template will be formatted as a story capturing the international experience of science.  We are interested in hearing how training abroad has impacted an individual’s scientific career.  For instance, this type of post would describe a studentship, postdoc, or research training that was done abroad.

We are looking for JIDC Postcard writers!  Are you interested?

JIDC welcomes anyone from any country interested in writing a Science Postcard blog to apply.   If you would like to write a Science Postcard, please send a short bio to akelvin@jidc.org answering the question, “Why would you be a good JIDC Postcard writer?”  All blog posts must be approved by Professor Salvatore Rubino, Editor-in-Chief of JIDC.

I believe that science is developing in all areas of the world.  In countries of high and low economic wealth, science is developing to fit the location.  I hope to capture these developments through JIDC Postcards and create an international platform for the exchange of ideas from all countries.  Let’s develop science.




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4 responses to “JIDC Postcards: The JIDC Blog

  1. Salvatore

    It is a great initiative. Salvatore

  2. This is a wonderful idea. I’m looking forward to reading some very interesting stories about people’s experiences!

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