JIDC, Open Access and Open Access Week

Open Access Week

Hi Everyone!

JIDC is excited to be participating in Open Access Week and we invite you to join us!  As an Open Access Journal we knew JIDC had to take part in this exciting and important event.   

Open Access Week is an opportunity for anyone to gain awareness of the benefits of Open Access.  This includes the exchange of knowledge between academics and researchers.  Through Open Access week, JIDC is hoping to learn more about our readers and their needs.  As well, we are hoping Open Access Week will enable us to project what we can do for our readers, including the benefits of publishing in JIDC and our unique mentoring system.

Having Open Access status is central to JIDC’s philosophy.  Our published articles are immediately available and free online through our website, which fulfills the definition of Open Access.  The benefits of Open Access are numerous, allowing access of information to everyone and not solely to the wealthy. Open Access has the potential to radically change the pace of scientific discovery which branches to all areas of scientific research including microbiology, medicine and molecular biology.

If you are interested in learning more on Open Access or Open Access Week, visit the website: http://www.openaccessweek.org/.  Here you can register for Open Access Week, learn about JIDC and other group events, and see films on Open Access. 

Participating in Open Access Week, JIDC will be posting events on our JIDC group blog on the Open Access Website.  As well, I will also be posting our events and latest Open Access Week news on the our JIDC Blog which you can read here. 

We would love for you to join us at Open Access Week

If you have any question please contact me: akelvin@jidc.org



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