Eeeeeee!  The JIDC T-shirts came in from the printers this week.  In the office we were all very excited.  And today I have just finished sending the shirts to some of the JIDC Open Access Week winners and JIDC Editors.  Can’t wait to everyone to receive the shirts!

Want to join the JIDC T-shirt wearing team? Send in a picture of you wearing your JIDC for posting on the Blog or feel free to post your picture to the JIDC Facebook page.

Here we are at JIDC Canada wearing our JIDC Ts proudly!

It's not too COLD in Canada to wear our JIDC T!

If you are interested in obtaining a JIDC T-shirt and you were not a winner in our T-shirt contest, please contact me at akelvin(at)jidc(dot)org.

Happy Friday Everyone!



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8 responses to “THEY’RE HEEERREEE! The JIDC Ts!

  1. Love it! Best post ever! You guys are rocking, nice t-shirts!

  2. Haha! Thanks Jeff. You should think that since you designed them! 🙂

  3. Amber

    Hi Jeff, thats really cool. They are more stylish than OA Ts 🙂

  4. Salvatore Rubino

    The T shirt is fantastic Salvatore

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