Impact Factors and Drinks…A Toast to You!

It has arrived!  The Journal Citation Report (JCR) of Journal Impact Factors from Thomson Reuters is now here.  Taking 2 years to calculate, we are incredibly pleased, humbled and grateful for our first received impact factor of 1.19 … 1.19 has any other number looked so good?

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than with a toast!  This accomplishment could not have been reached without the efforts of everyone.  So I ask you to raise a glass with me, your choice, Champagne, Coca Cola, milk, water…I’ll take a little Prosecco:

“Congratulations JIDC, Editors, Authors, Reviewers and Supporters, I cannot think of a community I would rather be part of or would be more proud to be in.  Since the birth of JIDC in 2007, together we have grown at an incredible rate.  The accomplishments as well as the growing pains have led to the development of an internationally recognized journal, which can only be described as a People’s Journal.  JIDC is truly a journal for every scientist, medic, health-care worker and also for every science enthusiast.  Every step JIDC takes forward is a testament to the how the passions of the individual collectively can move mountains, as indeed science is our passion.  The common thread running through the JIDC community is passion for the development of science and health care.  This passion is irrespective of country, institution, and research focus.  I understand you and you understand me as we seek answers to our Research Questions.  So with an impact factor of 1.19, we raise our glasses …  Cheers to you and your accomplishment! May there be many more to come!  Cheers to JIDC!”




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6 responses to “Impact Factors and Drinks…A Toast to You!

  1. Jeff Coombs

    Congrats JIDC!

  2. Kingsley Ukwaja

    Congrats JIDC……It is great to be associated with this great effort

  3. Amber

    Congrats JIDC and great efforts from JIDC Postcards. Alyson! I’ll go with Coca cola 🙂

  4. Congrats to whole team of JIDC at this auspicious event.

  5. Nikki

    Congratulations, JIDC! This is fantastic news! We are all so proud of the journal and grateful to our reviewers, editors, authors, readers and supporters who have been a part of our journey! A big pat on the back to everyone!

  6. Congratulation JIDC for this great achievement. It matter of pleasure for all of us. Being a part of JIDC, I wish endeavor success to JIDC.

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