Bet you can’t guess my Halloween Costume

Well, I realized I was developing  quite a reputation for myself when a friend emailed me a couple of days ago.  Her email read something to this effect:

“Alyson, I have the perfect Halloween costume for you….You could be an Immuno-GOBLIN!”

Haha…yes I loooved this idea, Antibodies on a Monster!  So, I decided, yes, I do need a Science Halloween Costume this year.  I was a MAD SCIENTIST for Halloween when I was 11, and it’s time to bust out the Science for Halloween again.

So guess what I am…

If you said a CD4+ T cell you’d be wrong.

There are 4 more CDs on the back…I am a CD8+ T cell.

Anybody else got a good one for Halloween this year?



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10 responses to “Bet you can’t guess my Halloween Costume

  1. Amber

    hahahahha. why don’t we make it a brand…

  2. Nikki

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha — this is a terrific costume! You look great!
    Hmmmm . . . a scientist and a punster
    . . .

  3. Asghar Nazeer

    Great post on Halloween! Keeps the fun in science! Happy Halloween, best wishes and kind regards to Dr. Alyson Kelvin and the entire JIDC community!

  4. I guessed you were a Slipped Disc…

    • FunMike, I don’t know if you are spam, but you are funny. Slipped Disc is a good one. And I think I could make a costume for that. Someone also thought I was a Disc Jockey.

  5. Very excellent! no more need of microscope to count CD4+ T lymphocytes. Its easy simply count on t shirt. Great medical revolution. Funny!!!

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