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Some Friday Science Fun! Contagion

For a little Friday Science Fun I thought I would share a video ad for the new movie Contagion that came out last week.  This youtube video was originally shared with me by Ana Carolina, a recent JIDC Postcard writer.


The BIOLOGICAL billboard for the Contagion movie is a true intersection of Science, Art and Media.  The creators used microorganisms to seed the word CONTAGION on a glass panel.  The glass panel was then hung in a store window, and the word contagion grew.

Apparently the sign is or was hanging in a Toronto store window.  As you may know Toronto, Canada, is the location of the JIDC Canada office and my home.  And I can’t believe I have not seen the sign yet.   I don’t know where it is but I MUST find this sign.  I will walk the streets until I find it and, if I do, I will post a picture of it for you.  Below are some pictures of me roaming the streets of Toronto looking for this CONTAGION.

I have not seen the Contagion movie yet either but I have heard some very good reviews.  Have any of you seen the movie or are you planning on seeing it?  If you have seen it, did you enjoy it?  Did you find the content scientifically accurate? And was it enjoyable as entertainment and science?…….Sciencetainment?!

Although it looks incredibly interesting and fun, my concern with a production of this kind is that the subject of the movie plays into the public’s fears of emerging viruses.  Could this be an effective way to educate people on ways to contain emerging infectious diseases such as new strains of influenza?…Or is it just a way to increase anxiety and panic in the general population?    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this topic.

I feel that the production of this movie may be a sign of the spreading interest in science through the general public.  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this movie and see this movie myself.  Maybe this weekend……just need to get a babysitter first!


Looking in a Dundas Street windowNope…Not here!Nothing yet….


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